Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And.... the snow keeps comin'......

You know when you have your meals planned out for the week and then someone throws something into the works and messes w/ everything? Well normally that someone around here is the weather..... I had an amazing meal planned of home made cheese for my Manacotti a brilliant white sauce the works really... And BOOM! All the pipes froze NO water again for what...... the 500th time this winter...... So I did the next best thing some AMAZING juggling and made this recipe From Tyler. The Ultimate Potato Gratin. Brian loves cabbage. We have cooked cabbage so many different ways.. This one looked and sounded soo yummy! I had everything that this one called for, well what I didn't have I had in some form... Everyone loved it. Sp loved it as well and she HATES cabbage... She went back for seconds.. It could have been all the smokey bacon, or maybe the heavy cream... Either way she ate it and loved it!!! I think I will make it again today while I still have everything I want to freeze it for later.. I am not sure how the heavy cream will do once frozen.. I am trying to remember if I should just assemble it then freeze it, or go ahead and cook it then freeze.. Any ideas? I didn't get any pics this time.. Everyone was starving when they got home today! I like this pic tho so I am posting it! Nothing to do w/ the post, just like it! It was this Christmas supper..


  1. You are a big tease. Talk about cabbage and potatoes and no pic, for shame!! And I love tyler. Your xmas like picture is gorgeous however.

  2. i love the way you think!!! That is something I would do...here's a post but the photos are unrelated!!!

    I would cook it and then freeze it. Thaw and then a slight reheat will be fine!

    It will be 70 here this weekend...I am blowing some your way :)

  3. I really love your cooking and think we should do dinners often together!
    Everything is so pretty!

  4. Thanks for your visit, Alaska seems so far away to me...I noticed your comment about frozen water pipes at "April Showers" and was surprised later to see a new follower at mine ...Thank you...I will return too!...Wanda