Monday, March 23, 2009

A whole lotta nufin about something~

First things first.... An apology for not commenting on the rest of my comments.... I had full intentions, but that dang Volcano had to blow yesterday a mere 6 times mind you... I am not sure why we lost power and phone connection.... In the middle of my computer time I lost everything... By the time everything came back on, life happened and I lost my Comp time to the Teens.... So to Donna @ My Tasty Treasures, thank you for all of my awards... I don't know what the lemonade one is for but thanks! I love your Blog and your food! Miss Wanda @ Moments of Mine, Thank you for always leaving me wonderful comments.... People listen to me.. If you haven't checked out this BLOG please go do it...It might be the most peaceful, happy Blog I know! And her pictures oh my my my Perfect! I have a new follower from Donna blog..... Collen @ Coleen's recipes, she is from my neck of the woods.. Maybe even closer then I know.. Where you @ Coleen? Our husbands are so going to dig each other, Suga daddy loves to throw Clay!
Alexis @ Running away? I'll help you pack. Her boys are yummy perfect.. Her blog funny, her husband Stories are HYSTERICAL.... Go check her out!
another new friend, thanks to Donna.... Heather @ girlichef has GREAT food GREAT music and
Well I dig her....
I have one more new friend, it would be righteous if you could pop over there and let her know that you're thinkin about her.... Her brother Mike has cancer... We all have a cancer story huh?
Jackie @ Counting My Abundant Blessings is a wonderful woman w/ a Story as well...
Now for some pics......


  1. hey SugaMama! thanks for the awesome shout-out...i dig you 2! and, um...volcano...6 times..sounds exciting (says the girl in Indiana)! What amazing photos :) they're making me smile.

  2. I dig you too, although I got NO love...:(

    I will blame it on the volcano though, okay? Okay...Beautiful photos and I always love stopping by your place to see what you are up to.

  3. Hey you. Thanks for the shout out. Enjoying you pics as always!! You deserve the awards, my darling!

  4. No wonder you are a "sugamama" very...very sweet of you to do that...I almost choked on my sandwich...cause I do like I'm told...I clicked on that "green blog button" and well I was startled to say the least...Thank you!

  5. THANK you my dear, you make my day! What amazing pictures and all scary all wrapped up into one. Hope you're having a wonderful day!

    I so appreciate the shout out! You're amazing! Muah!