Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are we DONE yet.....

So Chauni wakes up and says.... "Mum can we sew tonight?" I know where this is going... After all she is 18 and we have done this time and again.... I say "Ok," Knowing full well that "Can sew," means in ChauniTALK, "Mum will you sew me something!"
AND, drum rolllllll PLEASE! Here she is poseQUEEN.... "MUM could you just sew this line." Maybe oh I don't know, iron that over there... "REally Mum, are we done yet?" CHAUNI! Put down that camera NOW!
All you have to do is measure that sew it and stuff it.... Easy Peasy...
I wanted to interject here and point out in the background of this pic a lamp shade that I have been working on... All second hand from the ribbons to the fabric glue.... Love it!
They made a pillows. That is Austins pillow right there..... Yes don't ask.... it has rainbows on it...
Chauni,"made" scented bean heat pillows.... Lavender....... w/ their own cases, very creative of her!
I also wanted to point out how diligent Austin worked.. He stayed on point all evening....
LOL The daughter I never had, I tell Chauni... She PFFFFT's me and walks away....LOL


  1. They look great, wish I knew how to sew, maybe I should come wake you up for sewing lessons......Haha

  2. You are teaching them right:) especially your son, he could become a tailor...I have a pillow case my great grandfather embroidered almost 100 years ago...he also milked cows and butchered pigs. wow-look where your blog took me!

  3. I am so lacking in sewing skills, I cant even sew a button, Therefore I am highly impressed with your son's talent:)

  4. How cute! I love that your daughter AND son sewed the pillows. They turned out very cute!!!

    Have a lucky day sugamama!!!


  5. LOL, tell him the best (and best paid) quilters in the big shot quilt companies, are all guys. Michael Miller, Hoffman Fabrics, Moda, and such...Google Quilt Dad

    They all did a great jo and I expect to see more from them!!!

    Good job Mom

  6. Thank you everyone! I love it when the kids and I get to make stuff, We do crafts a few times a week... maybe I'll start letting them leave their mark here w/ their words of.. Well who knows I am sure it's not going to be wisdom..... More like make fun of mum...

  7. I love boys that sew!! Too awesome. Hey from Alaska!