Thursday, March 19, 2009

Candy Candy Candy oh yeah Brownies!

Austin had so much fun making this picture.... He stole my Glasses and went all Drag Queen on me!
Austin loves baking w/ me... We spent the day baking on St. Patties Day...
Check out the yummy Shamrock Brownies
Oh wait... is that Sugamama's very own dusting sugas.. Oh My yes it is....... We also made some more Peanut butter cups, The first patch were all gone so fast I couldn't get pics!
Here is the second step in the Almond joys, I didn't get the final pic......But... I did get Chauni showing me which Chocolate she wanted to use~ While she was trying to keep Oz from eating all of them..... I am posting our supper we had as well for St. Patricks day next.... Too many pics for one post!


  1. Oh those almond joys rock!!!!!
    Now I need to try the peanut butter ones!

  2. Thank you Ladies!
    I will have to make more they ate all of them~

  3. Listen, you, I am saving my pennies to come and see you. I want to learn all this crap! HOW do you make the peanut butter candies, huh how? Own dusting sugar. DO TELL,, still waiting on the cheese. You have such great stuff, now be a nice girl and share!!XXOO

  4. Oh Donna DON'T make me do it.... I know I know the cheese thing is a bit more difficult... Trying to not only get the cheese done but the kids from eating it~ JERKS!