Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can you hear me????? Is this thing on?

I know we're the Goonies all Growd up! My Friend Robyn and her husband Jody.. She has been bloggin on our trip to Homer over here
If you look close in the Sky.... The boys are flyin a Stunt Kite~
They had soo much fun.... I had fun watching them.... Pasta salad fixin'z Secret Ingredient Ready for the lid!
We had so much fun, I am sure I'll be posting more pics about it~
I wanted to also let you guys now about another Blogger in crime
Donna and her give away she is doing... She makes me happy and she makes me blush.... Ok giggle not blush~
Her food is beautiful...... Her pictures perfect! Her humor, Well I think
she is ding dang dong FUNNY.. Check her and Robyn out you'll be glad
you did!


  1. Oh yummy galore. I checked out that blog and everything looks so yummy.

    Hope to see you at church on Sunday!

  2. With all the foods you posted here.. Oh my, I guess I'd better stop my dieting..!!

    I'm hungry, I gotta taste that chocolates now.. i mean now.. and that pasta salad too.. **sigh**

    see ya!!

  3. Hahaha, it's funny how you guys are sort of squeezed in that photo!

    Ooh, now i'm hungry! I haven't eaten Pasta in days! Okay wait, maybe I did yesterday but it wasn't very satisfying!

  4. I love this salad you got going on here! And your pictures! Thanks for the link and I bet that zest brightens your dish up so much! GREAT secret ingredient Im trying it next time in mine!!

  5. I'll try adding lemon zest to my macaroni salad...a spring favorite here! Beautiful sky and beach photo!

  6. Came over from Robyn's blog. That pasta salad looks delish.

  7. robyn, thanks for spyin Donna, her food is killer.

    Loida, thanks for coming by, i kow about the diet thing, I am on a 30 day protein shake diet getting ready for surgery.. I just make this food don't get to eat it~ DRAG~

    halfcrazy~ I love PASTA.... I can't eat it anymore BUT I STILL LOVE IT!

    Donna and Wanda, Totally add the zest, Did you see that it was Cheese crumbles... My favorite cheese right now..... If you can find it add it to everything!!!!

  8. Why do I get so hungry every time I visit your blog Sugamama??
    You wanna come cook for us? I'll pay you....but the drive would be a killer, lol

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  9. laura~ I heart Homer TOO!

    Midlife~ I'm thinkin the drive would kick my ass! On the other hand , It could get me a little closer to that cross stitch of yours that I heart so much! UMM Whats that over there, As I point distracing you.....

  10. Looks like it was a lot of fun and that potato salad makes me want to go make some for potato salad.