Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cooking Mexican food/ w/ the kids!

She was hungry! My fellow blogger~ Can really cook Mexican food.. I just play around w/ it~ Tamales are my favorite thing to cook! I am trying to master them.... We make re fried beans in the pressure cooker about 10 cups of beans, lard, stock and salt... Pressure cook for about 45 minutes.. Then portion out and freeze.. We do it about once a month the same time we cook up around 30 pounds of meat season then freeze .. We do beef in the crock pot one day.. then pork.. And so on w/ chicken.. blah blah blah that's around 30 pounds each..... Then when I am down and can't really cook.. All the kids have to do is grab and defrost and assemble... We make our own tortillas.. not the corn ones just the flour ones... The only time the kids eat the corn ones is when I make green chili and chicken enchiladas.. Yummers! My SugaPie.. Chauni.. Doesn't ever help me cook, she hates to cook.. Freak... But she made the re fried beans this time...... I think they look extra GREAT because she made them..... If you plan out your meals just right.. You can use other things from the same can.. We used some of the marinara tomatoes to make the Spanish rice.... I haven't named this one yet.... But I heart all things cranberry and orange! I am guilty for buying about 50 bags of Cranberries when they come out in the fall... I freeze them and use them all year.... I love the smell of orange and crans mixed up Made two, one for my family and one for my brother in law.. He is single and a chef! He never makes dessert.. I like to surprise him.. He loves Cranberry as much as I do... Took Some whole crans and waited till they popped in the skillet, then added some schnapps and agave nectar, arrow root... Then dumped all of it on the cake.. then took my dusting suga... Red of course and called it a night!If you look close, you can see the raw suga I added right before the boys attacked!
I want to thank all of my Friends new and old for always coming by and checking out my treasures... I have been so lonely these last few years... Not working and not being able to get out... This blog really has brought me back to life.... I love to read your blogs and look at your lives... I love Alaska, but I feel so away from the world sometimes Although, that's what I love most about Ak, it seems these last few years have been extra crappy... Thank you all for everything you write me... It fills me w/ great joy.... Now a question..
Is it a drag having to come back and read the comments I comment on.. Should I just comment back on your page? Tell me what will make it easier for you guys..
My name is Martina, I have problems!


  1. That tamale plate is to die for! And the cran-orange dessert...I'm headed to Alaska, save me some (i wish)!

    I always wonder about commenting back, too...sometimes I forget to go back and look cuz i luv so many blogs!? I'm not sure either. I think whichever way you wanna go...then so be it. But, maybe people don't always see the answer if you just comment? If you figure out a system...tell me! :D

  2. I don't know how the comment thing works,I do come back and look for your answeres though.
    You food looks so yummy!
    So your the one who hogs all the cranberries during the holidays! Do you know I have gone without because of you! Now I know where to look if the store is out, ahhhhhhhh ha!

  3. Can you believe that I have never eaten tamale?? What the heck? Can you send one my way (kidding!) I also didn't know that you could freeze fresh cranberries. Are you charging for all this info I just acquired by visiting your blog? GREAT BLOG!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love cranberries too...they and pecans go in my turkey dressing ...Costco at one time had the world's best muffins...cranberry, orange, chocolate chip flavor...your cake looks extra delicious...as for commenting...I do both...which ever way seems best at the moment.

  5. What a good idea with the cranberries - I didn't know you could do that!


  6. Girlichef, Come on up.. Summer coming all the sun, fish and goodtimes you could want!

    Yeppers it's me I go to both stores and buy like 5 at a time then when ever I am in town I buy more!!! MAUUUUAUAUUUA!

    Ginger, Jen Jen, Never.... Wow.. make them they are easy and wonderful... I freeze everything man! I live in Alaska.. When we finally get something up here I buy as much as I can and wrap wrap wrap and FREEZE!

  7. Martina.. So much easier to comment back on other blogs in my opinion, I never have time to go back and check after comments.. ANYWAY, you aremy inspiration in making everything homemade. I would love to learn from you, you need to post the recipes..pretty please. I am always here if you need me, you are never alone, Im just a keyboard away, my girlfriend.

  8. I love tamales! I've never tried to master them, but I'm super impressed with your attempt. Those plates of Mexican food look divine!!! Plus, that cranberry cake look out-of-this world good. What a fabulous feast. And, Martina, let me say that it is such a pleasure reading your blog!! Yay for blogging buddies. You never need feel alone again; we're all always here :)

  9. Woman...........that all looks yummy, yummy, yummy and I feel like such an inferior cook when I see your delicous food!!
    I love the shot of the kiddo devouring, lol.
    Take good care SugaMama 2009 Cuga.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  10. I do both! I love to correspond as well. I think it is the sheer isolation of Alaska that makes the internet so awesome. I feel more connected.

  11. Hi ya! I just found your site and now I am following it for sure! Like you, I love to cook too! Your pictures are AMAZING, I would LOVE to visit AK, looks amazing! I'm from Arizona where we wish we had cold weather, it's going to be in the 80's today, grrr.

    Nice to meet you!

    J&J Dish

  12. And to answer your question, comment back on our page if you want! We are always looking for new foodies to hang with.