Monday, June 22, 2009

where oh where has my little blog gone?

Oh My My Oh hell yeah...
I am ALIVE... I am 83 pounds lighter and in our new house!
I know.. 9 weeks out from surgery AND 83 lbs.. shut up!
I miss miss miss all of you... Pictures and action to come......
I can't wait to read all of your blogs... misses ans kisses ~M~

Thursday, April 9, 2009

AND, it begins....

A few of my favorite pictures of last summer....
Josh "falling" jumping out of the boat~ Oh yeah Glacier water... BURRRRR
Another bear shot, trying to catch a salmon...The Kenai River, our favorite bend in the river
Oz last spring in the wonderful sun, green grass.....
Daisies make me happy....
I am sorry for being stealth for the last week.. I can't even begin to explain...... I go to Anchorage tomorrow for the beginning.. Not sure exactly what it's the beginning of at this point... Just glad to be leaving for a few weeks.... I am sick inside to leave Oz for so long.... I know though that he will be safe and cared for... I had this great blog in my history in case I died during surgery.. But then thought about how crazy that was... It did, however cause me to sit and reflect on people I needed to forgive, people I needed to let know how very much I love and treasure them. This week has been horrible.. We are so ready for light and spring...... Thank God it's finally here... I can't wait to get some down time in the next few days to hang out and read your blogs.... I have missed all of you and your daily words.....
Peace ~ Martina

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

wordless Wednesday~

Cooking Mexican food/ w/ the kids!

She was hungry! My fellow blogger~ Can really cook Mexican food.. I just play around w/ it~ Tamales are my favorite thing to cook! I am trying to master them.... We make re fried beans in the pressure cooker about 10 cups of beans, lard, stock and salt... Pressure cook for about 45 minutes.. Then portion out and freeze.. We do it about once a month the same time we cook up around 30 pounds of meat season then freeze .. We do beef in the crock pot one day.. then pork.. And so on w/ chicken.. blah blah blah that's around 30 pounds each..... Then when I am down and can't really cook.. All the kids have to do is grab and defrost and assemble... We make our own tortillas.. not the corn ones just the flour ones... The only time the kids eat the corn ones is when I make green chili and chicken enchiladas.. Yummers! My SugaPie.. Chauni.. Doesn't ever help me cook, she hates to cook.. Freak... But she made the re fried beans this time...... I think they look extra GREAT because she made them..... If you plan out your meals just right.. You can use other things from the same can.. We used some of the marinara tomatoes to make the Spanish rice.... I haven't named this one yet.... But I heart all things cranberry and orange! I am guilty for buying about 50 bags of Cranberries when they come out in the fall... I freeze them and use them all year.... I love the smell of orange and crans mixed up Made two, one for my family and one for my brother in law.. He is single and a chef! He never makes dessert.. I like to surprise him.. He loves Cranberry as much as I do... Took Some whole crans and waited till they popped in the skillet, then added some schnapps and agave nectar, arrow root... Then dumped all of it on the cake.. then took my dusting suga... Red of course and called it a night!If you look close, you can see the raw suga I added right before the boys attacked!
I want to thank all of my Friends new and old for always coming by and checking out my treasures... I have been so lonely these last few years... Not working and not being able to get out... This blog really has brought me back to life.... I love to read your blogs and look at your lives... I love Alaska, but I feel so away from the world sometimes Although, that's what I love most about Ak, it seems these last few years have been extra crappy... Thank you all for everything you write me... It fills me w/ great joy.... Now a question..
Is it a drag having to come back and read the comments I comment on.. Should I just comment back on your page? Tell me what will make it easier for you guys..
My name is Martina, I have problems!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home made food for my family

This by no means is a play by play.. I really haven't mastered that drill as of late.. My family eats a lot of different kinds of food.. I am very proud of them for that... They have a great palate for strange, rich, simple fresh foods... I have a huge thing for recycling... My family gives me much grief for this.. Secretly I know they love it and will one day do it w/out my constant prodding.. But for now it is my great pleasure to teach them everything I know about my Earth and how to keep her healthy and alive.. Even if is just little ol' me trying... That said... I have learned through the years, from my Mum, from others.. That a mother and her kitchen is the best place to teach your children how to recycle and reuse.. Even better.... How avoid having to recycle all together.... This is where my love for making my own Marinara starts.....Normally I would have 4 6 pound cans of Tomato's, stewed whole.... But this time I only had 2 left in my pantry.. So that is what I used.... In the summer I grow my own herbs.... I do buy fresh parsley for this..... I have to keep buying my veggies all winter.. But I have made this w/ frozen carrots and celery Even frozen onions... This time I had most of this stuff on hand though. I dump the cans out into my big pot Just the stewed tomato's nothing else.... This is were the recycle thing starts..... Not tons of cans of everything , Just 4 big tins that I used everywhere else.. No gas trip to the recycle bins.. No having to fill any land fills w/ more crap....

After a few hours I dump all the veggies in simmer for a few more hours... Then take my wand and puree all , add the herbs and spices to taste... Simmer 1 more hour and the fresh parsley.. Turn off the stove, lid on... Get the canning jars ready.... Then can....

Josh grates all my veggies.... I don't know how many of you know that My Josh has Cerebral Palsy....

That really messes w/ him most days... So when I get him in the kitchen.. He consecrates, stays focused and can control his body... Grating helps him a lot, we bought him the greatest grater for Christmas this last year.. I will get a pic on here of it... Really is a God sent for disabled cooks... He grated for about an hour, All the while we sat and talked about life and love, girls... the Works. Josh is a very free spirit, kind as well as cruel.. He doesn't mean to be, he can't seem to help some things..... He had a bad week this week.... There were rumors going around our small town about him being gay... Which is just silly in it's self... But when you are not gay and 16 and people are talking about you it sucks! Austin, one of my other boys, is gay... And Josh gets a lot of crap about hanging around him and defending him.. Josh never thought twice about it... You defend and honor your friends and family no matter what.... Somewhere is that mess is where the rumors started... Side note, I did not give birth to Austin, he came to us after he lost his brother who was murdered.. Austin has a mother, she is going through things and we have taken him in, knowing him as the boy next door for years, we love him, support him and care for him... I am a Christian woman, I am very spiritual and don't want to hear your opinion's on the biblical aspect of his homosexuality.. He knows where I stand and he also knows I love him unconditionally as do all of us in this house hold.. It sucks that my other kids have to suffer at the hands of others...
Here are a few shots of my marinara w/ some french bread we made that night as well..
At this point, I can add anything when I prepare the sauce, for pizza we add more herbs, for pasta we had mushrooms. You get it.. It is just a base sauce for everything...
There ya go! Brian and I today dropping Josh off for his therapy.. Man, do I love this man!

Why Oh why must it all be from scratch?

First before I go any further.... Do you people see.... Really Can you see? What crazy freaks I deal with on a daily basis..... Someone please.. Anyone... Please come save me!
I have been sooo busy.. For those of you who don't read my other blog ~Pieces of Me~
I have just a few short weeks until surgery.. I will be a few hundred miles away from home for a spell... I am taking two kids w/ me to stay in the hotel w/ the baby and 2 are staying home w/ Suga daddy.. This means that I have been cooking and freezing food this week.. All week... I canned up 6 quarts of Spaghetti Sauce, baked up and froze around 12 loaves of quick bread, banana, cran/orange, strawberry, chocolate banana and sweet potato... 15 loaves of bread, 4 sourdough, 3 wheat berry/ wheat germ, 4 french, and finally 2 potato and 2 pizza doughs... I made strawberry freezer jam 8 pints... Bought some Tomatillos and made tamales and cooked up some re fried beans in the pressure cooker.... froze that w/ some hand made tortillas.... Between Mexican food and Italian the boys will be set... that doesn't even count the cupcakes, muffins and cheese.. Mozzarella, ricotta, neufatchel and cottage... I have plans for the yogurt next week and all the casseroles..... I think I am burned out.. I never get burned out cooking.. Between taking pictures for the blog and wrapping freezing and cutting I might just not cook for awhile... I will be posting pictures tomorrow night.. of most of everything...
We did get our craft time in... Those pics are great! All the kids picked out their Easter baskets at Salvation Army and decorated them and planted wheat grass so it would be ready for Easter Morning.. I will be in the hospital then, so dad has to be the "Bunny." We made the greatest little gifts for some kids at church as well... Oh My Lord.. WE had a blast.... Those pics are to come!
We have this thing here.... I have a sign over my Door that says, "Sarcasm one of the free service I offer " So that being said! WE sabotage each others Easter baskets daily with shouting into each others baskets when the other ones aren't looking.... I whisper into mine how much I love my grass and how proud of it I am that it grows so strong... Looks so healthy and is the pretties grass EVER... My son walks right behind me and tells my grass that I was lying and that it is Ugly and pitiful... SO I in turn, insult his grass and pretend to spit on it.... In the end the prettiest grass is the one that is sheltered and care for the most..... It is a sick sorted service but we get much Joy from it!
I have much more to write but I am going to save that for another day!
If you lasted this whole post God Bless you and get a glass of water.. You must be soo tired!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wordless Wednesday~ Almost

When I was a little girl... My Grandad would tell me Great stories Of the Mighty North.. I would sit for hours as he relived amazing tales with me.. Dreaming of the moments he shared hoping that I one day could live out his past..... My Grandfather was Aleut.. I am Russian Aleut.. We are from the Aleutian Chain... My maiden name is Pavloff.. If you google Pavloff Volcano you will see where we stared. The story behind the name Pavloff and Pavlov or Pavlof is a simple one.. To keep the mail running steady from island to island different forms of the same name were spelled just a little different... In the end We were the double ff's... That said, One of my favorite stories is this..... "Martina", he would start out. (His name was Martin) "Do you know how we used to catch Polar Bears?" "No Grandad," Please tell me.. Please!!! I would get soo excited...... I had heard the story again and again, never growing tired of the game we played.. First we would have to go Great Big Snow peas... "But Grandad, how would you grow snow peas in snow?" There is no dirt... I would giggle and he would shake his head... "Oh Martina, The greatest snow peas come from the snow." "Now, let me finish," he would say... I would get closer to him at this point. Drawing my fingers across my lips as if to Zip them up! Now, we would have to sneak them, because you know your Grandmum wouldn't just freely give them to us... And then he would wink and shout to my grandmum.... "Isn't that right Darling" She would tell him to stop lying to me and we would just laugh.... After we got those peas we would cut a BIG BIG BIG super hole in the ice... "How you you cut a BIIIIIG BIG hole in the ice Grandad?" "With your Grandmum's good scissors," he would giggle.... Then my Grandmum would scream from the kitchen to stop that lying! It took hours to tell stories.. I loved it.... "Then what Grandad?" We would roll our eyes at the shrieking from the kitchen..... You take those peas and run them around the whole circle of that hole you could not miss one spot.. That is very important every pea has to sit around that circle.... Yes! Yes! Then? I would get all excited... Well then Martina, When that damn Polar Bear comes to take a pee You kick him in the Ice HOLE.... At that point I would laugh so hard that I would pee my pants! Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hungry, Why don't you cook!

Suga Bear(josh) wants to be a chef when he grows up.. Well that or a Brain Surgeon~ When I hurt too much to cook.. He normally comes in and takes over for me.. this means that most of our meals are a team effort... Between him and Austin (sugaNspice) I alway have some sort of help.. This is A Josh meal.... Beef and Barley soup, is my all time favorite soup.... This time Suga daddy, made this biscuits... Funny I say this time, I mean every time... I hate making biscuits.. Well mostly because I suck! I do not however suck at making bread! My Mum taught me very young how to make bread.. I remember making it when I was around 4... The smell of the yeast, the pressing of the dough... I can't knead like I used to again, one of the boys has to finish.. But look at how pretty it comes out.. Pictures of Bread always make me warm and fuzzy...
This recipe is one I developed after I had way too much bacon fat and some extra bacon...
Can you see the bacon pieces? The flecks of pepper....... I threw in some Sweet basil thinking it would cast some sweetness around the pepper.. But the taste kinda was weird... I will leave out the Basil next time.... I read that it would enhance but I think it was yucky!
Ok my work here is done........

Monday, March 23, 2009

A whole lotta nufin about something~

First things first.... An apology for not commenting on the rest of my comments.... I had full intentions, but that dang Volcano had to blow yesterday a mere 6 times mind you... I am not sure why we lost power and phone connection.... In the middle of my computer time I lost everything... By the time everything came back on, life happened and I lost my Comp time to the Teens.... So to Donna @ My Tasty Treasures, thank you for all of my awards... I don't know what the lemonade one is for but thanks! I love your Blog and your food! Miss Wanda @ Moments of Mine, Thank you for always leaving me wonderful comments.... People listen to me.. If you haven't checked out this BLOG please go do it...It might be the most peaceful, happy Blog I know! And her pictures oh my my my Perfect! I have a new follower from Donna blog..... Collen @ Coleen's recipes, she is from my neck of the woods.. Maybe even closer then I know.. Where you @ Coleen? Our husbands are so going to dig each other, Suga daddy loves to throw Clay!
Alexis @ Running away? I'll help you pack. Her boys are yummy perfect.. Her blog funny, her husband Stories are HYSTERICAL.... Go check her out!
another new friend, thanks to Donna.... Heather @ girlichef has GREAT food GREAT music and
Well I dig her....
I have one more new friend, it would be righteous if you could pop over there and let her know that you're thinkin about her.... Her brother Mike has cancer... We all have a cancer story huh?
Jackie @ Counting My Abundant Blessings is a wonderful woman w/ a Story as well...
Now for some pics......

Friday, March 20, 2009

come a little closer.. can you see my sprinkles?

I know I know, Can you stand it? Wait, let me getta little closer for ya!
You do know that I have been on this protein drink diet for a few daz now....
But the sugatooths in this house don't care..... They still want all of their confections....
Oh yeah Supper... This is what happens when you ask Sugadaddy to snap a shot for your blog.
He puts the plate down right where he was cutting lumber and shoots! Gotta love that!
Sorry for the easy supper, I was just burned out man.. Too tired to work too hard! Suga daddy made the biscuits, he always makes the biscuits.. I suck at making them....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Can you hear me????? Is this thing on?

I know we're the Goonies all Growd up! My Friend Robyn and her husband Jody.. She has been bloggin on our trip to Homer over here
If you look close in the Sky.... The boys are flyin a Stunt Kite~
They had soo much fun.... I had fun watching them.... Pasta salad fixin'z Secret Ingredient Ready for the lid!
We had so much fun, I am sure I'll be posting more pics about it~
I wanted to also let you guys now about another Blogger in crime
Donna and her give away she is doing... She makes me happy and she makes me blush.... Ok giggle not blush~
Her food is beautiful...... Her pictures perfect! Her humor, Well I think
she is ding dang dong FUNNY.. Check her and Robyn out you'll be glad
you did!

There is no such thing as TOO much MEAT here!

Don't let your meatloaf~
Can there be anything better then beef wrapped in bacon? You know there isn't Casey waiting ever so patiently for the bread to come outta the oven
Josh waiting ever so patiently for the bread to come outta the oven Bread outta the oven..... Burning my hands, but no one cares!They are evil.... HO HOT HOT.... Josh eating the HOT bread burning his lips... HA! Supper plated and all is well! Don't ask where the veggies are..... They couldn't wait a minute longer.... Oh well Extra Veggies tomorrow!