Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wordless Wednesday~ Almost

When I was a little girl... My Grandad would tell me Great stories Of the Mighty North.. I would sit for hours as he relived amazing tales with me.. Dreaming of the moments he shared hoping that I one day could live out his past..... My Grandfather was Aleut.. I am Russian Aleut.. We are from the Aleutian Chain... My maiden name is Pavloff.. If you google Pavloff Volcano you will see where we stared. The story behind the name Pavloff and Pavlov or Pavlof is a simple one.. To keep the mail running steady from island to island different forms of the same name were spelled just a little different... In the end We were the double ff's... That said, One of my favorite stories is this..... "Martina", he would start out. (His name was Martin) "Do you know how we used to catch Polar Bears?" "No Grandad," Please tell me.. Please!!! I would get soo excited...... I had heard the story again and again, never growing tired of the game we played.. First we would have to go Great Big Snow peas... "But Grandad, how would you grow snow peas in snow?" There is no dirt... I would giggle and he would shake his head... "Oh Martina, The greatest snow peas come from the snow." "Now, let me finish," he would say... I would get closer to him at this point. Drawing my fingers across my lips as if to Zip them up! Now, we would have to sneak them, because you know your Grandmum wouldn't just freely give them to us... And then he would wink and shout to my grandmum.... "Isn't that right Darling" She would tell him to stop lying to me and we would just laugh.... After we got those peas we would cut a BIG BIG BIG super hole in the ice... "How you you cut a BIIIIIG BIG hole in the ice Grandad?" "With your Grandmum's good scissors," he would giggle.... Then my Grandmum would scream from the kitchen to stop that lying! It took hours to tell stories.. I loved it.... "Then what Grandad?" We would roll our eyes at the shrieking from the kitchen..... You take those peas and run them around the whole circle of that hole you could not miss one spot.. That is very important every pea has to sit around that circle.... Yes! Yes! Then? I would get all excited... Well then Martina, When that damn Polar Bear comes to take a pee You kick him in the Ice HOLE.... At that point I would laugh so hard that I would pee my pants! Have a great day!


  1. I Love this story, memory's are the best in life!

  2. Interesting story of your heritage and family name. Your Grandad was a sweet's good to have memories like that and to pass them on.

  3. That is an awesome story and I am so thankful that you shared it.

    What a glorious heritage you have and that you are passing it on to many others.

  4. What a great story, made me laugh and think about my grandpa that I miss terribly. Love the picture as always ;)

  5. What a beautiful story Sugamama!! That's a lovely tribute to your GrandDad to retell this story!!
    My Grandmother raised me so I well know how special the love of a grandparent is :)
    I don't know if I told you but that cyst they removed from my cheek last week was cancerous. I started on my chemo pills today. They are real low dose and something new. I was a little sick this morning but feel some better now. Visiting your sweet blog always helps lift my spirit's anyway :)
    You take good care my Alaskan friend and......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  6. Thank all of you for your great comments...

    Midlife~ I am praying,sending a mighty warrior call to The Kingdom of heaven... What is bound in heaven is bound here on earth!
    My love and my faith to you my friend~

  7. I've been doing Alaska Native family tree research for many years. I'd be more than happy to help you with yours if you like. You can find my research at this web page:

  8. Thank you Sugamama for such a nice comment...I really appreciate it...You make me laugh about who you want to be when you grow up.

  9. Hey Coleen~ Thanks for the web page.. I will check it out!

    Wanda~ Don't laugh I am being totally real baby!