Monday, March 16, 2009

Stinkin stupid camera

I know You want pics from this weekend... BUT the 3 cameras we took, one is charging, and we can't seem to find the cords to the other two... So that Post will be hopefully Wed.. But here are a few shots from my Wildlife file from last summer! This sneaky bear was camping w/ us all weekend We just didn't see him, until we packed up camp and floated down the river to fish, came back by and there he was looking for food! Our Dog Apollo, Brian was making a few trips back to the rig from base camp on an island and Apollo thought we left him..... Great shot of him and the gear! This turkey ran away from home and we so wanted to keep him, but we fed him and sent him on his way!
Just a side note.. Made Almond Joys and peanutbutter cups, From Scratch BABY.. Pics to come!


  1. Again, there you go, being a big tease, about what you cook, and then you dont let us in on it.. What is UP with that, lady!! I want to know. I love your pics.. Ill probably never see Alaska in my lifetime, well, maybe, you never know, .. I so enjoy seeing it through your eyes. Thanks. Hope youre doing well.

  2. Great pictures!

    Thanks for the call and the great how to's.

  3. That is a very big turkey...makes the wild ones here look rather small! My mother would make almond joys every Christmas.

  4. I'm with Donna.........where's my peanut butter cup Ms Couga???????
    I hope that you guys all had a whale of a time...(get it?? A whale of a time......nevermind. I blame menopause and Jack Daniels!!)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. Miss Donna, I know I suck @ getting pics up , but Alas.. Have faith, I will get all of them up soon.. You always have a place to stay if ya wanna venture up to Ak.. Until then I will take lots of pics for you mama~

    Robyn~ I can't wait until I can post the ones of you and me!

    Miss Wanda, That turkey was one loud bird! It was my first time w/ the almond Joys, but it won't be my last.. Your mum had something going there.. Who doesn't like homemade candy huh?

    Midlife, I got yer Peanut butter cup.... You know you can't say whale to a fat gurl... GEESH!