Thursday, March 19, 2009

There is no such thing as TOO much MEAT here!

Don't let your meatloaf~
Can there be anything better then beef wrapped in bacon? You know there isn't Casey waiting ever so patiently for the bread to come outta the oven
Josh waiting ever so patiently for the bread to come outta the oven Bread outta the oven..... Burning my hands, but no one cares!They are evil.... HO HOT HOT.... Josh eating the HOT bread burning his lips... HA! Supper plated and all is well! Don't ask where the veggies are..... They couldn't wait a minute longer.... Oh well Extra Veggies tomorrow!


  1. can never have too much meat..that bacon wrapped meatloaf is to die for (no pun intended)

  2. Two hungry meat and potato guys! My weakness is fresh baked bread...although...that meatloaf covered in crisp brown bacon looked good enough to wait for!

  3. Potatoes can be considered a vegetable right? LOL...dinner at your house sounds wonderful.

  4. The bacon the bread, the bacon, the bread, oh my. I want the bread the most, it looks so delicious! Bacon wrapped meatloaf is gorgeous!

  5. That is a great looking meatloaf, the bacon really takes it over the top. If I was there, I'd skip the veggies too!

  6. That looks so darn good! Where was my phone call telling me dinner was ready??

  7. I love the kids watching, too funny!

  8. Danti, I knew that Post Name was trouble~

    Wanda, Thank you, I know bread is EVIL.....

    Spit, LOL that is what the boys said! Come on over!

    Donna, You inspire me... I would have never taken any of these pics if it weren't for you...

    Sara, If you made my veggies I would sooo Be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

    Robyn, Really? Are you nuts, Have you seen my dinningroom table.. It's filled w/ smelly boys.. and BOOGER baby!

    Laura, I know that was the funniest part, thier SAD little faces! Josh almost really had tears!

  9. I am loving that "Hop On Pop" book by Dr. Suess by the meatloaf!!
    My favorite quote EVER and it's by Dr. Suess :)
    "Be who you are
    And say what you feel
    Because those who mind don't matter
    And those who matter don't mind".

    Amen to Dr. Suess, he was a man before his time.Hope your weekend is filled with much love, joy and laughter and.....

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  10. Midlife~ LOL I didn't even see it.. thats funny... Oz love his Dr. S. I dig that quote too...