Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Really, you ladies that make a step by step are one step away from NUTS!

Oh My Lord.. I don't know how you gals do it. Making supper is one thing I can normally whip right out.. Taking pics every step of the way is inFRICKINsain.... It took me forever to make these dishes.... I am not too swell @ this yet so be gentle w/ your comments... I made up this recipe, like most of mine it comes to me in the morning and by the evening it's created and plated..... I am going to try to get these pictures in order YIKES!!!!! Donna, How do you do it gurl? Ok first things first Photobucket All the stuff is in the pic. Sweet potato 2 cps, 1/2 red onion, spices as follows: celery seed, sea salt, pepper, thyme, coriander seedsPhotobucketPhotobucket Hungarian Red Rice 1/3 cp, wild rice mixed w/ dicon radish seeds1/2 cp, whole wheat berries 1/3 cp Throw in rice cooker Leave it alone.. This is the perfect way to cook wheatberries, harder rice.... It won't stop cooking till all of it is done! A perfect set and walk away....Photobucket Photobucket Sweet Potato, onion just sweatout.. Photobucket Then add spices Photobucket Oh yes.. Don't ever forget the Garlic.. Lots and lots....Photobucket Now Get the cheese, oh glorious Cheese, Swiss today, store bought, I haven't made homemade swiss yet!Photobucket The Meat, Steak Rouladen, I paid 11.73 3.99 a lb, next time I think I will cut the rolls in 1/2 that was alotta meat man! Photobucket take this,Photobucket and this Photobucket Mix and do this, add the Balsamic Vinegar Photobucket Swiss Cheese, Veggie mix Photobucket Photobucket Now... ROLL ROLL ROLL BABY ROLL Photobucket I heat this up after I braise the meat and then pour Photobucket and serve Photobucket That was too much work, for supper... I did a play by play w/ the pasta salad as well, but that will have to be another day.. Suga Daddy likes bread and butter w/ his supper.. So there you GO!


  1. UMMM, what do I do when I walk away from the wheatberries?

    This looks AWESOME! I love the filling. I am dying to know how you make your cheese.. I don't sleep much, so most times, I post at night after kids are sleeping, and my FFH..and myself have been taken care of..hahaha.

  2. Dang it that looks great! You so rock!
    I wish I could have tasted that!

  3. Fellow Alaskan blogger saying hi and boy those look awesome. Yeah the step by step is crazed I'm lucky if I get a picture before it is inhaled :) Love the blog! Laura

  4. Yeah I can finally leave a comment! I saw you over at Laura and just had to stop by and say hi! Thanks for coming by my cupcake blog, I don't usually update that one that much. But the running away I try to daily ... LOL

    I love the blog and the yummy goodness can't wait to come back and see more ;)

  5. This looks like an amazing meal! I love those beef rolls, they look so elegant.