Thursday, January 29, 2009

Look what treasures I bought for 8 smackers today!

I have so needed this tool forever! I am excited. I also found these cute plaques for Sugapies house when she moves out this summer!

I had a crazy day filled with a car load of freaks, ie, all but one of the trolls I live with.. Well not counting Sugadaddy.. He was safe and sound @ work, lucky bum!! Sugapie finally took her test today and passed with a perfect score... She was super excited, because of all the snow we got the last few days she didn't have to parell park..... Sugabear was extra wild today his new meds for his CP are messing w/ his other scrip and he is on over drive, hence the Dr. appt tomorrow....Sugababy woke up again barfin and sick most of the day but did great in town.. He even went shopping w/ Sugabear and Toomuchsuga @ the mall.... The snow was really coming down this afternoon. I did manage to make it to some second hand stores, while the boys had the baby and Sugapie was @ her ortho appt... I bought all my treasures @ one place for 8 $ I picked up two more squeeze bottles for the kitchen a bread knife and one veggie knife. These amazing bread pans and some cute little V~day cutters...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More of the same, nothing at all......

We are all for the most part feeling much better.. Sugababy went a whole night not barfin on me or Suga Daddy.... The kids all except SugaPie are well.. Really she is never well, she has more wrong w/ her at any given moment then anyone I know, or might ever know..... Not really she is very healthy, but knows she is dying everyday.... Talk about a drag to live with.... Her whole life, when she hears of something someone has she gets it.. Not just days later, not her.. She gets it moments later..... It used to be funny. Now, well now it's just weird..... Let me in lighten you w/ picture of her in ALLLL her weird glory!

Friday, January 23, 2009

~House of Pestilence~

We are all sick w/ the Flu... Barfing, poopin', crying' whimpering.. You name it! I woke up to Josh barfing in the bathroom in my room, Chauni barfing in a garbage can... Oz barfin' on my bed.... Spent the day on the toilet fighting for dibs, when someone else wanted to be in there... The kids did let me sleep for about and hour and watched Oz for me.... I awoke to a lovely cold sore.. Where the hell are they coming from? After my tonsils came out they stopped all together... I do hate them so.. Looks like I am back to my lysine for awhile.... I didn't get my curtains done this week, or my book shelves. What a drag, I was soo excited to get the living room finished.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sinfully Austintatious~

OH MY, OH MY.......
What could be under this, a treasure perhaps
something from Sir. Austin~
Look what a yummy treat this is....... He calls it Sinfully Austintatious..... They remind me of wonderful cute Smurf houses..... I am having a peaceful weekend as of yet. The boys all went outside and cleaned up from the wind storm. Brian wrapped the rest of the pipes w/ heat tape... You might not be excited but damn, I am doing the Water dance!!!!! Brian and I have finished painting and hanging the molding in the living room. Oh how I love love it! Pictures to come. I am making the curtains for the living room tomorrow.. One more wall of book shelves and we should be done w/ the living room!!! WOOOHOOO

Friday, January 16, 2009

seriously, no really SERIOUSLY~

I can not stop laughing... Do you know the definition of irony? I have cried most of the stinkin winter for some water, water that is that flows through my sink. Ya know the kind... Even Third World countries have running water right? So here comes the irony.. We finally have running water, wonderful.... running.... water... In our hall way, in our living room, in our sons room.... The snow has melted into a huge ice field. It has also melted all the snow on our roof in turn displacing it rather quickly into streams of flowing water... What a damn drag~Oh well waters water huh? The wind here has picked up.. We live on the refuge, bottom side of Ski Lac Lake giving us more wind then what we know what to do with. We are hoping that all of our grants will be in and back before fall this year. Wind turbine will save us soo much money. Our new bill as of yesterday from Evil HEA was 1100. smackers... Holy Crap huh? We just might make it till spring. I can not believe that we have to pay so much just to heat, light and run this house. I have decided that the kids are to blame... We have 3 young men that stay up all night and play vid games and watch movies.... I run the household during the day with minimal electricity. The oven and bread machine being the money suckers.... Well there is that small matter of Winnie the Pooh and Elmo playing on the dvd.. Seriously, way more important then Guitar Hero, but try explaining that to a 15 year old and two 18 year old boys.. We sit down w/ the boys tonight with some new house rules... YIKES... Sugabear has said enough and he is layin down the law about bed time and the like.... ok off to finish supper, Potato and Corn Chowder with Flat Bread and Habanero Jelly~

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don'tchya wish yer momma was hot like me~

Blog is going to keep me from killing my family.. You laugh, seriously don't... Going on 4 months of snow and several weeks of -25 below or less.... No water... no washer..... no toilet.... in the house.... not enough light, never enough quiet... I have 2, 18 year old boys, 1, 18 year girl ,1, 15 year old boy, 1 year and 1/2 boy, one dog that thinks he's human and one cat who thinks he's a dog.....

If I see one more tater- tot..... one more soda can in the plastic bottles..... one more un recycled piece of paper, not to mention, the yellow spots on the snow that "I swear Mom, it's the dog!" I will God help me, Duct tape every last one of them to the frickin Christmas tree that is still in my yard and release carcinogen's the likes you have never seen before... And trust me..... I WILL roast marshmallows on ALL their flaming asses!

Whew.. I'm feeling much better!

This blog is recipes, crafts and photos of my family, my Alaska, my creative juices.. I plan on having guest blogger once a week. Consisting of all the crazy young adults in my life.

Sit back, Enjoy, take from here anything you wish, remember, if what you take works out GREAT~ If not don't come cryin to me man, I bearly hold this stuff together w/ tape and tears~