Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don'tchya wish yer momma was hot like me~

Blog is going to keep me from killing my family.. You laugh, seriously don't... Going on 4 months of snow and several weeks of -25 below or less.... No water... no washer..... no toilet.... in the house.... not enough light, never enough quiet... I have 2, 18 year old boys, 1, 18 year girl ,1, 15 year old boy, 1 year and 1/2 boy, one dog that thinks he's human and one cat who thinks he's a dog.....

If I see one more tater- tot..... one more soda can in the plastic bottles..... one more un recycled piece of paper, not to mention, the yellow spots on the snow that "I swear Mom, it's the dog!" I will God help me, Duct tape every last one of them to the frickin Christmas tree that is still in my yard and release carcinogen's the likes you have never seen before... And trust me..... I WILL roast marshmallows on ALL their flaming asses!

Whew.. I'm feeling much better!

This blog is recipes, crafts and photos of my family, my Alaska, my creative juices.. I plan on having guest blogger once a week. Consisting of all the crazy young adults in my life.

Sit back, Enjoy, take from here anything you wish, remember, if what you take works out GREAT~ If not don't come cryin to me man, I bearly hold this stuff together w/ tape and tears~

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