Friday, January 16, 2009

seriously, no really SERIOUSLY~

I can not stop laughing... Do you know the definition of irony? I have cried most of the stinkin winter for some water, water that is that flows through my sink. Ya know the kind... Even Third World countries have running water right? So here comes the irony.. We finally have running water, wonderful.... running.... water... In our hall way, in our living room, in our sons room.... The snow has melted into a huge ice field. It has also melted all the snow on our roof in turn displacing it rather quickly into streams of flowing water... What a damn drag~Oh well waters water huh? The wind here has picked up.. We live on the refuge, bottom side of Ski Lac Lake giving us more wind then what we know what to do with. We are hoping that all of our grants will be in and back before fall this year. Wind turbine will save us soo much money. Our new bill as of yesterday from Evil HEA was 1100. smackers... Holy Crap huh? We just might make it till spring. I can not believe that we have to pay so much just to heat, light and run this house. I have decided that the kids are to blame... We have 3 young men that stay up all night and play vid games and watch movies.... I run the household during the day with minimal electricity. The oven and bread machine being the money suckers.... Well there is that small matter of Winnie the Pooh and Elmo playing on the dvd.. Seriously, way more important then Guitar Hero, but try explaining that to a 15 year old and two 18 year old boys.. We sit down w/ the boys tonight with some new house rules... YIKES... Sugabear has said enough and he is layin down the law about bed time and the like.... ok off to finish supper, Potato and Corn Chowder with Flat Bread and Habanero Jelly~

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  1. Girl you are sooooooooo brave. I would be bitchin up a storm. Just know I love ya sweets.