Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yes I feed my family road kill, Why?

I was blessed w/ some road kill and decided to Make some good ol stroganoff
Moose stroganoff that is!
First things first. Silver skin has gotta go... Sharp knife a must Raw and beautiful.. I don't eat it but everyone else loves it!
Must pound the meat....
Cut the meat!
Soak the meat or you will hate it!
Cook in small batches Mushrooms lot and lots of them cook with onions YUM! Skin some tomatoes, seed them
This is it w/ the noodles which is the next post!
I know it doesnt look like much but damn it took me
8 hours start to finish including the handmade noodles!
Ok trying to get back into the whole blog groove thang! What better way to go @ it, then w / my tired and true bread...
I make three loafs of bread every other day. I make the reg sandwich bread on monday.
Wed, it's the special breads~ Like artian breads whole wheats or seeded bread! Friday is my reg bread and fun breads.. Summertime its my Zuc breads, fall my pumpkin ya get the picture...
Most of my recipes I change to make 3 loaves @ a time. 2 Lg 1 sm..
I love love love making bread... It not olny gives me great joy, but fills my house with smells and happiness.... Now that my children are moved out.. Well all but the Oz, they know when to come over and then steal my bread.. Along w/ my brother in law, and my husbands random friends!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.... I couldn't make it up if I tried!
First of all... Everything is well...
Meet the newest addition to the family.. Yes My Very first grandson!
It was touch and go for awhile. Emergency C-section 5 1/2 weeks early.. 5 lbs and might I say perfect!
Elijah Lee...
I never thought I would, could go thru so many emotions in one moment before...
As I stood by my daughter.. I had to keep telling myself that I was no longer her only caregiver, and as much as I wanted to hold her hand, to comfort her and wipe her fear and tears away.. I rose out of my chair and knew that It was indeed her husbands job. Strange how she went from my shelter to her own home with her husband and he was now her comforter... But in that new found knowledge , I struggled w/ his ability to stand up and do everything I knew I could do perfect... She too struggled w/ reaching out to me, or calling out his name.... A daughters love challenges nothing I have experienced before this moment....
I am over joyed, over stimulated and truly blessed beyond measure to be able to see this next generation walk out and conquer the world!
. Now on to Uncle Oz.. .
Here he is waiting in the hospital for his nephew.. Very excited indeed!
Ok a picture of me over 150 lbs down. My gastric bypass was 1 year ago to the date of My grandson being born...
This time last year we lost our house and were homeless for
a few months..... I couldnt make heads or tails of it then...
I do know that I know that I am grateful for Gods love!