Thursday, April 22, 2010

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.... I couldn't make it up if I tried!
First of all... Everything is well...
Meet the newest addition to the family.. Yes My Very first grandson!
It was touch and go for awhile. Emergency C-section 5 1/2 weeks early.. 5 lbs and might I say perfect!
Elijah Lee...
I never thought I would, could go thru so many emotions in one moment before...
As I stood by my daughter.. I had to keep telling myself that I was no longer her only caregiver, and as much as I wanted to hold her hand, to comfort her and wipe her fear and tears away.. I rose out of my chair and knew that It was indeed her husbands job. Strange how she went from my shelter to her own home with her husband and he was now her comforter... But in that new found knowledge , I struggled w/ his ability to stand up and do everything I knew I could do perfect... She too struggled w/ reaching out to me, or calling out his name.... A daughters love challenges nothing I have experienced before this moment....
I am over joyed, over stimulated and truly blessed beyond measure to be able to see this next generation walk out and conquer the world!
. Now on to Uncle Oz.. .
Here he is waiting in the hospital for his nephew.. Very excited indeed!
Ok a picture of me over 150 lbs down. My gastric bypass was 1 year ago to the date of My grandson being born...
This time last year we lost our house and were homeless for
a few months..... I couldnt make heads or tails of it then...
I do know that I know that I am grateful for Gods love!


  1. Amen Sister! Your Grandson is perfect! So is that Oz man of yours. You my dear are a blessing in it's self.
    I Love you!

  2. I was so thrilled to see you in my web page comment box this morning!! I've thought of you often. The last I heard you were nearly homeless and headed for surgery. My heart went out to you. And now....look at you now are a BEAUTIFUL grandmother!!! Congratulations, he's so precious. You are a lucky woman.

  3. Oz is just as cute as I remember, Martina and now a sweet grandson too. Your lovely photo is a welcomed sight, you really look great! Hope other situations have taken a turn for the better too. You were missed, I was so glad to see a comment from 'SUGAMAMA'!!!

  4. congrats!!! my mother says that grandkids are God's reward for children : ) and I think she might be on to something....

    enjoy your new little one

  5. Oh sweetie he is just precious and what an amazing birth story he can tell his kids later! Just beautiful!!!

    I'm so sorry you lost the house and were homeless for a while. I'm happy to hear that it is working out now. Many prayers to you and the family.

    You look beautiful my dear, congrats on the 150 + loss that is just amazing!!!!

  6. Gorgeous! Congratulations lady :) You look absolutley fabulous by the way! Missed ya...