Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ok trying to get back into the whole blog groove thang! What better way to go @ it, then w / my tired and true bread...
I make three loafs of bread every other day. I make the reg sandwich bread on monday.
Wed, it's the special breads~ Like artian breads whole wheats or seeded bread! Friday is my reg bread and fun breads.. Summertime its my Zuc breads, fall my pumpkin ya get the picture...
Most of my recipes I change to make 3 loaves @ a time. 2 Lg 1 sm..
I love love love making bread... It not olny gives me great joy, but fills my house with smells and happiness.... Now that my children are moved out.. Well all but the Oz, they know when to come over and then steal my bread.. Along w/ my brother in law, and my husbands random friends!


  1. Oh now that I know your schedule and mine is freeing up I will have to come over and steal a slice or two. Yummy!

  2. Well? Where is the recipe darling? I need the recipe because I seriously doubt my ass will be coming to Alaska anytime soon, but if I do...I am coming to steal a loaf..and well, stay a while with ya! LOOKS FABULOUS!

  3. Nothing fills up a house with good aromas better than fresh baked bread or fresh ground coffee.