Monday, January 25, 2010

shut up!

I know huh? Freaking out aren'tchya?
You would not believe the ride, EVER!!!!!!
I am Back! I have soo much to say, so much to show you....
I'll start w/ the basics....
I am down 160 lbs in 9 months, down 7 sizes.... 3 shoe sizes...... 4 cup sizes......3 ring sizes.... You know I could go on forever but bottom line I am ALIVE! My hair fell out for 4 months and it sucked hard core, but it has stopped and now I am waiting for it to go back!
I have to get pictures off the cam onto here via fredmyers foto department something still wrong w/ downloading from cam to laptop. Drag man.....
But here are a few on my daughters cam!


  1. SUGAMAMA! I must say you are looking pretty darn hot!
    Thank you for the wonderful dinner and time Saturday night. Sorry we had to run off so fast.
    I Love you my beautiful friend!

  2. Good for you!!! I was wondering when we'd (me) would here from you again. I missed 'speaking' with you. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  3. You're Beautiful...You're still on my blogroll...You're still funny...You look and sound happy...and I'm happy You're back!!!

  4. You look wonderful. Congratulations on completing such a difficult journey.