Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hungry, Why don't you cook!

Suga Bear(josh) wants to be a chef when he grows up.. Well that or a Brain Surgeon~ When I hurt too much to cook.. He normally comes in and takes over for me.. this means that most of our meals are a team effort... Between him and Austin (sugaNspice) I alway have some sort of help.. This is A Josh meal.... Beef and Barley soup, is my all time favorite soup.... This time Suga daddy, made this biscuits... Funny I say this time, I mean every time... I hate making biscuits.. Well mostly because I suck! I do not however suck at making bread! My Mum taught me very young how to make bread.. I remember making it when I was around 4... The smell of the yeast, the pressing of the dough... I can't knead like I used to again, one of the boys has to finish.. But look at how pretty it comes out.. Pictures of Bread always make me warm and fuzzy...
This recipe is one I developed after I had way too much bacon fat and some extra bacon...
Can you see the bacon pieces? The flecks of pepper....... I threw in some Sweet basil thinking it would cast some sweetness around the pepper.. But the taste kinda was weird... I will leave out the Basil next time.... I read that it would enhance but I think it was yucky!
Ok my work here is done........


  1. Your bread looks amazing! I love the soup too, I really like barley and am always looking for more ways to use it.

  2. The bread is amazing looking! You're food always gives me such a comforting feeling. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Fresh bread and home made soup....life is good.

  4. Nothing is better than warm crusty bread fresh from the oven...you seem to have it often...your family is lucky to have you and your creativeness!!!

  5. Baking bread is one of the most comforting smells in the world to me...and soup is another one. I bet the bacon sent that bread over the edge! :P

  6. Hey Sugamama that looks sooooo delicious my mouth is watering!! I have that darned Type II diabetes. Now, I have no problem leaving the sweets alone but girl, when it comes to the bread and potatoes, I hate on everyone around me that is eating it!! Is Josh your hot son(or at least the one that you said is your "son"?).
    Send Josh our way, we have the Cordon Bleau School of Culinary Arts here in Atlanta. I wouldn't mind sponsoring a hot young man from Alaska while he goes to school. Besides, maybe he could cook dinner for Prince and I. Since I cater I'm sometimes a little lacking in the dinner cooking, but we do have awesome leftover's from jobs :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  7. Robyn~ I have some Wedding soup for you! I'll be by tomorrow with it...

    Sara~ Barley and wheat berries are my all time favorite... I use them in everything!

    Alexis~ Thanks for visiting and commenting, I never thought I would have so much fun playin' w/ my food.

    Coleen~ I know it doesn't get much better huh?

    Wanda~ I think in the long run it is cheaper and healther to make our own bread... I can't have any and thats what I miss the most! Would ya call the fam and tell them that You think they are lucky please!!!;)

    Girlichef~ Me Too! I think I will always make breat and soup... We have soup 9 months outta the year here!

    Midlife~ I have diabetes as well.. Sweets never bothered me doing w/out, but you know it the bread is a whole other story! Don't even get me started on Pasta! Damn you can have Josh right now, Please take him!!!! He thinks sarcasm is a form of communication.. He's all yours!!!!

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