Wednesday, February 25, 2009

wordless Wednesday~

I think I will start a wordless Wednesday. I don't know how this goes, but simple math says.. if there are no words there must be Pics huh?


  1. If no one can see the pictures, do the pictures still exist? If a tree branch drops in the forest and NO ONE hears it, does it make a sound? I had to do a paper on thatin Philosophy 101, for crissakes.

    BTW, pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Oh Donna, Silly gurl... I think The ? at hand would be, If no one TOOK the pictures would they still exist... hum....? Yes? NO!!!

  3. I am snow jealous of you. I would love to be where you are!!!

    Lovely photo!!!

  4. Looking good! Is that from today?

  5. Beautiful picture! Did you have a snow day today? It seems like a lot of people have.

    Have a great night!