Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fire me as a home school teacher NOW

So.. We have this radio program called Tradio. Basically, a buy, sell, trade show. Let me tell you we get some funny things people try to get rid of in Alaska.. I was driving Sp to work and listening to the show.. This guy comes on saying he has Night vision Glasses, Ya know the ones, he says, Case ya wanna go bear hunting in the dark. At that point, I kinda giggle that he even said that on air. The host just moves the caller on quickly.. The caller then says, I am not kidding this is word for word.... Says, in a old codger kind voice. All throaty and off the cuff... Works great for finding UFOs. You know, up in the sky at night... Oh my I was giggling so hard.. He was so honest and happy to be giving someone this opportunity to find a UFO... At which point my daughter looks at me and asks, "Whats so funny"? Are you kidding me? Whats so funny? Did you hear that? "What", she says. Looking for UFO's. That's hysterical.. Here comes the kicker. Drops me dead in my tracks... Mind you, my daughter is 18 home schooled her whole life, very sheltered yes, but still alive in this world I assumed.... Mom, Whats a UFO? Are you fricking kidding me? Unidentified flying object, with my eye brows raised as high as I could get them. "Yes", she says, raising her eyebrows back at me.. Space ships. Ya know, flying saucers... Little green men on the moon....She looks at me shakes her head and says, "That's stupid!" Here is one of my favorite pic of Sp a few years back.. I thought of this pic as soon as she asked what a UFO was...


  1. OMG she is soooooooo blonde, where did this child(woman) come from, not you obviously!
    (grins) (Giggles)

  2. Hey Suga!
    Here's one for ya:
    1 1/2 cups diced banana
    1 1/2 cups blueberries
    2 tablespoons lemon juice
    = 2 leathers
    Wish I had blueberries to play with.

  3. Funny picture! Great job on the homeschooling - that is a lot of work but so wonderful!


  4. we homeschool our kid and now ya got me worried roflmbo great post keep it , and stop by the coffeshop some time , u might actually find the milkmanswife there working