Sunday, February 15, 2009

V~tines supper and treats!

I made these yummerific Lasagna rolled instead of layered.. I made home made ricotta cheese Then rolled hamburger and sausage w/ sauce and the cheese.. There was enough left over to freeze a pan.. Very exciting! We had a great Valentines Day! The kids were all gone doing their own thing... SnS came home and helped me set the table and put the finishing touches on the Peanut butter/dark Chocolate Heart shaped confections.... Which were a great hit.. I got the recipe from Tanyas Blog over at Sunday Baker I didn't have little heart shaped cookie cutter, Just one big one so that what I did I made HUGE peanut butter hearts... Very filling, hard to even finish one. They did turn out so beautiful.All in all it was a wonderful night.. S. Daddy, SnS and Sugaababy and I sat down to a GREAT meal.. Lots of LOVE. I heart daz like this...


  1. Love your heart dessert, but , hey, you didnt tell us how you made the ricotta or did I miss that? And Oh also the recipe for the homemade noodles. Please share. Its ok if you just share with me,no one else:)

  2. Yum yum yum I shoulda been at yer house!