Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine formals~

Sp and SnS all dressed up and having fun! Sb and SnS Thinkin they all rockin' Don't mind the back wall I wasn't done painting and they needed a backdrop! Sb and his date! Sp and baby Brother Sb All My kids, WEll not sugababy.. But the rest of them got all dolled up and went to a Valentines Party @ church... I spent hours, ok more like hour, On Sp's hair. Well worth it in the end though she was so pretty and girly.. I never see her in a dress EVER.. It was nice to see the girly side of her...... I then dressed up a Top Hat for Sb, a "Pimp cane" (as SnS would call it) Straightened SnS hair.. And get this! Helped my very manly man Sb put on some make up to allow his eyes to POP! LOL I loved it... Sd picked up TmS from town. He was already dressed up.. WE got some great pics of the kids while they were waiting for Sd to get home so they could use the mini van to get everyone there....

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  1. These pictures ROCK! Suga pie is so pretty and Suga bear is very handsome!