Wednesday, February 25, 2009

wordless Wednesday~

I think I will start a wordless Wednesday. I don't know how this goes, but simple math says.. if there are no words there must be Pics huh?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

V~tines supper and treats!

I made these yummerific Lasagna rolled instead of layered.. I made home made ricotta cheese Then rolled hamburger and sausage w/ sauce and the cheese.. There was enough left over to freeze a pan.. Very exciting! We had a great Valentines Day! The kids were all gone doing their own thing... SnS came home and helped me set the table and put the finishing touches on the Peanut butter/dark Chocolate Heart shaped confections.... Which were a great hit.. I got the recipe from Tanyas Blog over at Sunday Baker I didn't have little heart shaped cookie cutter, Just one big one so that what I did I made HUGE peanut butter hearts... Very filling, hard to even finish one. They did turn out so beautiful.All in all it was a wonderful night.. S. Daddy, SnS and Sugaababy and I sat down to a GREAT meal.. Lots of LOVE. I heart daz like this...

Friday, February 13, 2009

A wedged bear in a great tightness

We also went to Anchorage the other day took 4 of the 5 kids w/ us.. Left around 8 in the A.m. The kids went to the Mall and spent way too much money. But they felt great because it was their hard earned money... SnS bought me a great scarf... Sb of course bought new plugs for his ever growing piercing problem.. Sp bought so much stuff I can't even begin to tell you, Clothes, glasses, shoes, more crap then she'll need in this life time... I went to Value Village and got some clothes for the Sbaby.. Some baskets for my kitchen... Everytime we go to Anchorage I can't go shopping in the big stores because I can't walk that far or that long... This time Sb and SnS got me a wheel chair.. I have never used one, simply because I am 37, Dang it... I so wanted to go into Walmart.. Just to look around.. The Boys promised to not leave me in an isle and run away laughing.. It was kinda funny I didn't want an electric one.. Seemed to humbling I guess.. I asked Sb to find me one where he could just wheel me around in.. They found one.. Mind you they both said, "Mum your NOT gunna fit".. I looked at it and knew I wasn't gunna fit.. I am not sure if any ten year old girl would fit... But people were watching and I so wanted them to sure as shit know I was going to fit in that seat... WEll after much due I got into the chair, but Oh My I was dying... Sb started laughing while SnS just stood behind me waiting for it to collapse.. I saw a couple walking towards me giggling.. They could have just been on a Valentine high, perhaps he said something sweet to his lover... BUT I'm guessing they were giggling at the site of a 420 pound woman thinking she was actually going to fit in a chair made for a 100 pound child! Needless to say, I was STUCK!!!! As Owl would say on Winnie the Pooh, "A wedged bear in a great tightness. In a word, irremovable." Now obviously this situation calls for an expert. And Thank Heavens I had them there... SnS held on for dear life, shaking the seat just enough... Sb began to yank gently on my arms as I wiggled my ass. I am not sure if the WHOLE ENTIRE STORE heard the POP and the moan of the wheelchair. But Alas I was free.. I then resin ed to drive the motorized wheeler... It was tough at first very humbling experience.. I was so grateful in the end that I did it. So much fun shopping w/out pain.. Thank you God for the grace and love of my kids to not be embarrassed and help me like they do.. Normally I would not post such an unflattering pic of myself, but I wanted you all to see how much fun I had.. Sb my son w/ Cp decided to get a wheeler as well, ( I thought a wonderful selfless act) Yeah.. NO!! He just ran into me most of the time laughing and swirving about trying to kill me....

Valentine formals~

Sp and SnS all dressed up and having fun! Sb and SnS Thinkin they all rockin' Don't mind the back wall I wasn't done painting and they needed a backdrop! Sb and his date! Sp and baby Brother Sb All My kids, WEll not sugababy.. But the rest of them got all dolled up and went to a Valentines Party @ church... I spent hours, ok more like hour, On Sp's hair. Well worth it in the end though she was so pretty and girly.. I never see her in a dress EVER.. It was nice to see the girly side of her...... I then dressed up a Top Hat for Sb, a "Pimp cane" (as SnS would call it) Straightened SnS hair.. And get this! Helped my very manly man Sb put on some make up to allow his eyes to POP! LOL I loved it... Sd picked up TmS from town. He was already dressed up.. WE got some great pics of the kids while they were waiting for Sd to get home so they could use the mini van to get everyone there....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fire me as a home school teacher NOW

So.. We have this radio program called Tradio. Basically, a buy, sell, trade show. Let me tell you we get some funny things people try to get rid of in Alaska.. I was driving Sp to work and listening to the show.. This guy comes on saying he has Night vision Glasses, Ya know the ones, he says, Case ya wanna go bear hunting in the dark. At that point, I kinda giggle that he even said that on air. The host just moves the caller on quickly.. The caller then says, I am not kidding this is word for word.... Says, in a old codger kind voice. All throaty and off the cuff... Works great for finding UFOs. You know, up in the sky at night... Oh my I was giggling so hard.. He was so honest and happy to be giving someone this opportunity to find a UFO... At which point my daughter looks at me and asks, "Whats so funny"? Are you kidding me? Whats so funny? Did you hear that? "What", she says. Looking for UFO's. That's hysterical.. Here comes the kicker. Drops me dead in my tracks... Mind you, my daughter is 18 home schooled her whole life, very sheltered yes, but still alive in this world I assumed.... Mom, Whats a UFO? Are you fricking kidding me? Unidentified flying object, with my eye brows raised as high as I could get them. "Yes", she says, raising her eyebrows back at me.. Space ships. Ya know, flying saucers... Little green men on the moon....She looks at me shakes her head and says, "That's stupid!" Here is one of my favorite pic of Sp a few years back.. I thought of this pic as soon as she asked what a UFO was...